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Emission of plates

We provide all necessary services for vehicle registration and license plates in the state of Maryland. We work hard to facilitate this complicated process and make it clear to you.

When moving to Maryland, vehicle ownership rules can be confusing. To cover the basics, this is what you need:

  • Vehicle title (if there is a creditor, you must provide us with information to apply for the title).

  • Maryland Insurance
  • Original title
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Maryland Security Inspection
If your registration is not regularized within 60 days, the state of Maryland will charge a 6% consumption tax.

We are required to have the original title of the vehicle, which may take up to 8 weeks to receive from your creditor. Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply for the title before inspecting your vehicle or before obtaining your Maryland Driver's License. We need the original signatures of all the parties listed in the title and we can help you get your creditor's title processed.

Duplicate Titles in MD

The title of a vehicle is a legal document that proves that you are the owner. If you buy your vehicle from a dealership, they will probably take care of the titration process for you. If anything happens to your title, however, you can request a duplicate title from the Maryland Vehicle Administration (“MVA”).
Here are some reasons to get a duplicate title:

Title Lost or Destroyed

The Maryland Vehicle Administration will grant you a duplicate title if your original title is lost, destroyed, or damaged. Having an updated title? is of interest to you and the state.

Title Changes

It is important that your title information is always up-to-date. If you change your name, or if your vehicle changes ownership, you must request a duplicate title. You can also claim a duplicate title after paying for your vehicle's warranty.

Title Renewal

Maryland residents returning to the state do not need to go through the title process again. If you return to Maryland after you've moved to another state, you can simply ask for a duplicate of your old Maryland title.

Warranty Removal

Bring the real MD (pink print) warranty document along with the title. If not, a letter from the bank proving the purchase of the vehicle. If the vehicle is 7 years old or older, we may remove the warranty when we receive the duplicate title.

Newly Purchased Used Vehicle Registration

To own and register your newly purchased used vehicle, you will need to send the following documents along with proof of payment of taxes and fees:

Proof of Ownership

You must submit the current title of the vehicle that has been duly assigned to you. Please note that if the title was issued in Maryland, it can be used as your registration form for title and vehicle registration. A registration document and invoice may be presented as proof of ownership only if the vehicle is from a state that does not issue a title as proof of ownership.

Application Form

If the current title of the vehicle was issued in Maryland, use it for your registration form by filling out the section titled “Title Request and Registration”. Otherwise, use the “Title  Certificate Request Form”. Be sure to include your insurance information. Your policy must be in compliance with  Maryland's minimum liability insurance  requirements.

Proof of Purchase Price

invoice signed by the buyer(s) and the seller(s). The invoice shall be notarized if the following conditions apply:

  1. The vehicle is less than 7 years old
  2. The purchase price is at least $500.00 below the book value
  3. The new owner (buyer) wants to base the calculation of excise duty (6% of the value of the vehicle) on the sales price and not on the book value.


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